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Senior Financial Adviser
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Partner - Tees Law
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Tees Financial - One: Financial Advice for Later Years

One : Legal & Financial Advice for Later Years

Who are we?

Tees Financial and Tees Law have independently provided advice to their clients for many years. Now we introduce the concept of “One” which brings both companies together, offering a unique combination of legal and financial services.

What we do

Needs constantly change as you go through life and priorities change too. We offer a path through later years, providing advice on a wide range of legal and financial issues. One also offers a holistic approach to clients and their families, working with you to provide advice tailored to your specific needs.

Who we help

One specialises in the financial and legal needs of older clients. Advice not simply from a well qualified adviser but somebody who you feel you can rely upon to understand the plans you need to make for your retirement years and the complexities of the many decisions you may need to face. Financial and legal advice should take you to the stage where you can make clear and informed decisions, happy in the knowledge that you had all the information and choices you needed to reach those decisions.

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