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Pensions and Retirement Options


The UK has one of the biggest pension savings gaps in Europe, with Britons needing to increase the amount they save, by thousands of pounds each year to secure a decent retirement income.

By investing from an early age, even a small amount can make a big difference in closing the gap.

To encourage people to save, each time you pay a pension contribution, the government also makes a payment, i.e tax relief up the individual’s highest rate of tax.

Tees Financial can help put together a strategy to build your ‘pension pot’ for retirement.

Retirement Options

Until fairly recently, the only option available at retirement , was to use your ‘pension pot’ to take your tax free lump sum and to invest the rest to purchase an ‘annuity’. (An annuity pays out a guaranteed income for life in exchange for a lump sum).

Nowadays, there is a vast choice of options. With our experience and expertise, we can advise you of these choices and recommend a suitable solution taking into account your circumstances and attitude to investment risk. This could provide you with more choice, flexibility and control over your retirement.

Even if you decide to go down the annuity route, rather than simply accept what your existing provider has offered, we can shop around for the best rates in the market. This often results in a higher pension for you – especially if you have previous medical conditions, are currently on medication or you smoke for example.

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