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Protection for You and Your Family


A mortgage is normally the largest financial commitment that one undertakes in their lifetime.

Ensuring that it is paid off, in the event of a critical illness or death, will provide absolute 'peace of mind' for your family and their financial security.


Apart from taking out cover to protect your mortgage – you should also insure your other financial outgoings so that your family can maintain their current standard of living.

Even if you are on your own, it is as important to protect your current standard of living. If the worst were to happen, Critical Illness cover provides you with choices: you may wish to use the proceeds to pay for private treatment or make changes to your home or allow you to pursue a less stressful lifestyle.

Income Replacement

People usually have life cover but few have income replacement cover. Interestingly, people are 19 times more likely to be off work for more than six months due to illness or injury than they are to die before the age of 65. #

You may have some cover provided by your employer, but the income often reduces to half after 6 months and ceases altogether after 12 months. Could you then live on 'Statutory Sick Pay' until you return to work or retire?

What if you were self employed and had no income coming in from day one?

Income replacement is essential as you can insure up to 60% of your income for as long as you are unable to work, up to retirement age.

# According to research by the Department for Work and Pensions

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