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Savings & Investment

There is a wide range of savings and investments products available. Using our experience and expertise, you will have the ‘peace of mind’ that we are recommending a suitable solution for your individual requirements – this could be a tax efficient solution or one which makes use of your tax allowances.

Regular Savings

Save for the future and enjoy the benefit of ‘pound cost averaging’ to smooth your returns. Putting a regular amount aside each month can soon add up to a sizeable pot of money, which, for example, could come in handy for funding your children’s university fees or wedding.

Capital Investment for Growth

For that capital, which you don’t need to access in the foreseeable future, we can advise on a suitable investment solution to build capital for the future, for example, capital for retirement or home improvements.

Capital Investment for Income

Drawing income from capital held in a bank or building society account is likely to result in the ‘real’ value of your capital decreasing. If you are prepared to take some investment risk, we can advise on alternative investment solutions which aim to help meet your income requirements.

The value of investments can go down as well as up. You should remember though that, even if they fall in value, you will only make a loss if you cash them in at that time.

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