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Estate Planning

After years of rising house prices, many people have ended up with their estates exceeding the Inheritance Tax Threshold – not just the very wealthy.

Inheritance Tax can cost those loved ones left behind, hundreds of thousands of pounds when you die. Yet it’s possible to greatly reduce the amount of tax they have to pay – or even avoid it altogether.

This is a fairly complex area and there are many ways to reduce or mitigate Inheritance Tax. We have the experience and expertise to help you preserve your estate and the sooner you start, the more effective the solutions are.

Here are a couple of solutions:

Investment Bonds and Trusts

Provided you are prepared to give up control and/ or access to capital. After seven years of setting up the arrangement, the original capital invested would be outside of your estate. Any growth would be outside of your estate from day one. There are some solutions which enable you to take income from the capital.

Life Insurance

If you did not wish to give up control and/or access to capital, we can help put in place a life policy, held under trust, where the proceeds on death are outside of the estate. Your loved ones can then use the proceeds towards the Inheritance Tax bill.

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